Quality, Convenience, Efficiency and Space has become most sought wheels of today's fast growing Economy. SAS Group of Companies is symbolic terminology for four organisations : Precise Digital Automation System Pvt. Ltd., Gangotri Film Corporation, PDAS and Sharp Automation Systems working together to ensure better Quality, Convenience, Efficiency and Space utility to business world with its wide range of office automation and business system automation solutions

To ensure durable and updated quality products in its solution range SASGC has business tie-up with time tested brands like SHARP(SBSIL), Forbes Technosys(FTL), Infres Methodex, Stedfast, Posiflex, Life Size(Green O Care solutions), Aver Vision to name a few.


Creativity, Innovation, Openess to new horizons and Social values are trade mark of SASGC business operations. With more eco-friendly products in our solution range we intend to add to a healthier world.

SASGC strongly believes that an efficient technology can be a stonger solution, only if it is delivered and supported by skilled and techno-socially aware human resource. Hence forth we constantly strive for efficient human resource to deliver and support our solutions (product range) with a human touch.